Growing Diverse Businesses To Empower The Economically Underserved

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Why Work With Us

The Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and our mission is to use the mechanisms of Supplier Diversity as an engine for economic development in under-served communities.

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The ROI of Supplier Diversity

On average, supplier diversity programs add $3.6 million to the bottom line for every $1 million in procurement, according to a Diversity Best Practices report.

An added ROI of working with diverse companies is finding innovation. After all, these young businesses are finding new ways of competing, and working with them gives a buyer an edge.

Last, working with underserved communities enhances corporate reputation, and strong corporate reputations, in turn, drive higher market values.

Supplier diversity is not only good for business, it's the right thing for the community.

Here's How Your Business Growth Reduces Poverty

We have identified high-poverty areas in our community and established Economic Empowerment Zones (EEZ) to address this imbalance. Our EEZ program, which consists of suppliers, small and large, leverages the economic fuel created by transactions between these diverse suppliers and corporate America. Thus creating a mechanism that produces positive economic outcomes and a way to lift the communities out of poverty.

Success Stories

What we do for the community is important and valuable. Why we do it is life changing!

Support Our Cause

The Council for Supplier Diversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit where we have created a mechanism that produces positive economic outcomes and a way to lift our communities out of poverty.

When you support us with a donation of any size, you're also ensuring the future success of the programs that are making a difference in our community. Please donate now!

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